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Power Factor Controller CX plus

Application field: LV

Controls capacitive or inductive

By controlling Contactors or Thyristorswitches,

capacitors can be switched or choke coils.

Measuring method: True RMS

Determination of the cos ϕ related to the fundamental wave

1 phase voltage connection

Voltage range: 90 - 550 V AC, 45 - 65 Hz

Current range: 5 mA - 5 A

Cos phi: 0.70 c - 0.70 i


  • Autonomic menu navigation (AI)
  • Best fit algorithm protects the capacitors thoroughly regular distribution of the switching cycles and operating hours
  • Progressive (control) Measurement of the total power requirement - switches the necessary steps quickly - in combination with our thyristor controller (option -T) even faster and more effective.
  • works in 4 quadrant operating mode (import/export)
  • Security level Password protected
  • Alarm configuration for maintenance work in case of e.g. loss of power or exceeding of switching cycles
  • Compensation of a transformer, for which there is no fixed stage, can be solved with the CX plus in two ways (offset reactive power or medium voltage-side current measurement)
  • It is possible to use an external alarm contact (potential-free, normally open contact 250V AC/5A max.), e.g. for a signal lamp, an external temperature sensor, etc.
  • A further normally open contact is available as a fan relay or as a +1 step
  • Digital input (adjustable logic: HIGH- or LOW-active / input signal: 90 - 250V AC) to switch target cos phi 1 and 2 or to suppress the I-Low alarm (DI)

Connection diagram


Height x width x depth
144 x 144 x 58 mm

Height x width

138 (+0,5) x 138 (+0,5) mm


approx. 0,600 kg

(depending on configuration)



Video for "Automatic Initialisation" 


Stephan Leckel

Managing Director

+49 8861 2332-45

Anna-Maria Jais

Technical Sales

+49 8861 2332 47

Alexandra Wegner

Sales / Export

+49 8861 2332-44

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