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Static Contactors

Soft Switching at Zero Crossing

The control electronics are designed in such a way that the Static Contactor switches the connected capacitive load in the voltage zero crossing and thus acts quickly, gently and with low wear on the capacitors and only cause minimal System perturbations.



The Static Contactor always switches in the subsequent zero crossing of the voltage after previous signal by the upstream power factor controller. Thus reaction times < 10 ms are achieved. Dynamic systems with rapidly changing loads such as cranes, elevators or welding equipment are ideal for the use of static contactors as well as wind power
plants, oil rigs or areas of the automotive industry.



BELUK Static Contactors are designed for permanent overload of 30% of nominal power. From a capacitor power of 75 kvar upwards, a temperature-controlled fan is used to pass the heat loss the heat sink.

In the event of overheating in the control cabinet or failure of a fan, the Static Contactor switches off preventively to avoid damage. For maintenance purposes, only the cooling fins and the fan must be checked on contamination and be cleaned. The current operating status is indicated by the static contactor via a status LED.

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