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The BELUK MiniSCADA LC 310 is an easy-to-use web based SCADA system for local and remote control of any electrical devices, which are connected to it. The BELUK MiniSCADA hardware has a built-in web-server that operates when customizing the graphical user web interface. Everything is done by clicking your way through the onboard web pages using a standard web browser on any computer.

Therefore no Windows Tools or HTML editors are needed. No license fees or royalties have to be paid. Connect the Modbus devices and select the desired data. Data, which has been configured, is shown automatically on the integrated Webpage.


Stephan Leckel

Head of Sales and Technology

+49 8861 2332-45

Anna-Maria Jais

Technical Sales

+49 8861 2332 47

Alexandra Wegner

Sales / Export

+49 8861 2332-44

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