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BELUK's History


1956 BELUK GmbH was established in Munich, Germany by the German „Münchener Aktiengesellschaft für Licht- und Kraftversorgung“ (LUK), the German „Bayerische Elektro- und Gasgeräte-Vertriebs GmbH“ (BEG) and the british „Londex Ltd“. Today's shareholders are N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft and Frankenluk AG and a group of private investors.

At the beginning BELUKs goals were design, manufacturing and sales of Power Factor Controllers. Since then the manufacturing facilities were located in the Bavarian city of Schongau, the headquarters moved from Munich to Schongau in 2001.



1964      release of the first compact electro-mechanical Power Factor Controller „BLR“

1968      set-up and moving to the new factory at its current place

1973      release of tthe first electronic power factor control relay

1974      release of the first 20kV air insulated switchgear type BK

1981      expansion of the factory

1993      establishment of a partner’s power factor controller production line in Great Britain

1993      release of first compact AIS type “Mini-Block“ (BMB)

1996      certification according to ISO9001

1993      release of product line „Energy Multimeter“ type EMM5

1999      release of AIS with withdrawable breakers type BET

2000      establishment of a partner’s power factor controller production line in Iran

2002      establishment of a partner’s power factor controller production line in India

2002      release of product line „Thyristor Switch“ type TS

2005      release of product line „Capacitor Protection Relay“ type CPR / KSR

2012      release of withdrawable breakers for AIS type BK

2014      Complete modernisation of electronic workshop

2017      upgrade of Internal Arc classification (IAC) to 20kA/1s for all AIS lines (BMB, BK und BET)



Today BELUK rises to the new challenges of ecologic and efficient power distribution.

Modern capacitive and inductive power compensation banks equipped with utmost BELUK devices take care for economically optimised and environmentally friendly operation of power industrial and distribution networks. BELUK fast acting thyristor switches allow design of highly dynamic compensations for rapid changing network conditions. BELUKs OEM products are widely used by renowned manufacturers of reactive power compensation banks.

BELUK resigns to use SF6 as insulation gas for any of its switchgear product lines and lead in the soldering process of the electronic production line. Of course BELUK complies to latest standards of RoHS and REACH and supports the guidelines set in “conflict minerals act”.

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