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Power Factor Controller CM

High- Tech Power Factor Control with the aim to reach target Cos φ as fast as possible and with a low amount of switches. The various regulating algorithms of the BLR CM (real-time / Best Fit or mixed algorithm) are the brain in this powerful Power Factor Controller. With versatile options and alarms the BLR CM is adaptable to all challenging regulating tasks, such as dynamic compensations.

For dynamic compensation control and usage of Static Contactors the BLR CM controller can be equipped with either 6 or 12 transistor outputs. In this case a specific real time regulation algorithm is used.  The BLR CM is also available as hybrid controller with 6 relay plus 6 transistor outputs.  The relay outputs are used for the compensation of the static parts of the load, the transistor outputs control the dynamic parts.

The user guidance is per soft keys… intuitively and in plain language. As operating languages are German, English and French available.

The BLR CM can be ordered with the communication gateway Modbus RTU and a data memory. All changes of the parameters and alarms are stored with timestamp as well as measured values in adjustable ranges and system information as e.g. switching cycles per capacitor. The output takes place via a TTL port as CSV file (compatible with MS Excel).

In networks with asymmetric loads ( e.g. office buildings), the BLR CM can measure the current of each phase and recognizes additionally, whether  single - or 3- phase capacitors are being used. The result is an optimal compensation of reactive power in asymmetric networks.

Regardless of whether capacitance or inductance – the BLR CM recognizes the connected size automatically. Here it is irrelevant to which output a choke or capacitor is connected. There are no restrictions regarding the order or class of connected values.

Product variant: CM Controller with Q(U) Regulation Characteristics

The target parameter of the BLR-Q(U) is the voltage of electric power plants which has to be maintained. In case the measured voltage deviates from the target voltage (undervoltage or overvoltage) the cos φ will be adapted dynamically through capacities or chokes.

The demand for inductive or capacitive reactive power will be calculated by the BLR CM Q(U) with the help of an adjustable characteristic curve. The advantage of this adjustable curve Q(U)  over a static cos φ is, that the regulation target is adjusted dynamically according to the target voltage.


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