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Energy Multimeter

The multifunctional measuring device EMM-5 is mainly designed for the use in low and medium voltage distribution systems. Harmonics of the voltages and the currents are detected up to the 62nd harmonic.

The user has 32 different alarms available to monitor values exceeding or falling below specified limits. To do this, the messages can be shown on the display and passed to a relay output to generate an external alarm system.

Up to 4 impulse outputs are available for controlling external counters for active and reactive energy. In addition, there is an optional RS485 Modbus port for the device as well as an integrated data storage.

The EMM5 has a tariff switch, which can be activated by a signal at the digital input. The effective work (import / export) as well as the reactive work (inductive / capacitive) are counted per tariff (tariff 2 only with option -DM), whereby high and low tariff readings can be recorded separately.

Thus, the measuring device is suitable for the acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of electrical measured values ​​in energy distribution systems as well as for the implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001.


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