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Unbalance Relay for Capacitor Banks KSR1

The KSR1 is a modern single-phase imbalance protection relay. Capacitors in medium or high voltage compensations often use oil as a dielectric, which can be a significant fire hazard in the event of damage and consequently makes a permanent condition monitoring of the capacitors indispensable. The KSR1 can monitor internal faults in a variety of ways, and warn / disable in 2 stages (Trip / Alarm).

Wide Range Power Supply

The power supply of the KSR1 works either with a voltage in the range of 40 to 250 V AC or DC voltage of 40 to 300 V DC. Thus, a worldwide operation with AC as well as a battery operation with DC is possible. A variant selection is not necessary.


2 Measuring Inputs

The unbalance can be monitored by using a separate current or voltage measuring input. The input range of the current measurement is from 15 to mA to 5 A and the voltage measurement from 0.1 to 20 V AC.


Programmable Outputs 

Each of the 3 output relays has its own alarm parameters. After expiry of the programmed delay time, the corresponding relay will be switched and reset either automatically after expiry of the trip or alarm condition or manually according to the Settings.


Option Modbus

The KSR1 can be retrofitted at any time with communication. For this purpose, a Modbus module is attached to the back of the protection relay and connected by cable. This eliminates the need for expensive device replacement for integration into a serial Modbus RTU network (RS485).


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Head of Sales and Technology

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Technical Sales

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Sales / Export

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