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Power Factor Controller CMQ(U)

Voltage-regulated control according to Q(U) characteristic

Do you have a photovoltaic system, wind turbine, combined heat and power plant, biogas plant, etc.?

The number of distributed generation plants feeding into the power grid is growing.

That' s why grid operators are demanding that reactive power be made available.

The demand for inductive or capacitive reactive power is automatically determined by the controller, based on an adjustable characteristic curve.
The advantage of the adjustable characteristic curve compared to simple limit value is that oscillation of the stages is prevented.

Special features:

  • Target cos phi dependent on voltage level or active power
  • Output of target cos phi via interface (Modbus) as setpoint for decentralized generation facilities
  • Automatic recognition of the used outputs
  • Automatic detection and adjustment of capacitor values
  • Monitoring of capacitor and reactor values 
  • Over- and undervoltage monitoring
  • THD U and THD I monitoring
  • Overtemperature shutdown

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Connection diagram



Height x width x depth

144 x 144 x 58 mm


Height x width

138 (+0.5) x 138 (+0.5) mm


approx. 0.800 kg

(depending on the equipment)

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Managing Director

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Technical Sales

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Sales / Export

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