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Capacitor Protection Relay KSR

Will be used in MV (10 kV / 20 kV / 30 kV) or HV (60kV / 110 kV) Applications.

The oil in the capacitors, which serves as dielectric, can inflame at a temperature of 130-180°C.

You also can protect your cabinet with an simple Relay, but doesn´t come with the features of natural unbalance compensation, two monitoring levels (alarm / trip)

RMS values of fundamental waves without harmonics is measured. The unbalance current is measured in the star point connection of two stages.

Program your own alarm messages and the time of triggering by yourself.

For example:

  • OV Overvoltage
  • UV Undervoltage
  • UB Unbalance
  • OL Overload
  • UL Underload
  • Olth Overload thermal
  • Olf Overload fundamental 
  • EF Earth Fault
  • VA Voltage Assymetric Fan control possible through integrated temperature sensor

Power supply:

AC Typ:

  • B 110V;
  • C 220V;

DC Typ:

  • S 24V;
  • T 48V;
  • U 60V;
  • V 110V;
  • W 220V

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Connection diagram


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