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Energy Multimeter

Recording, Monitoring and Analyses

Use in NS- and MS- distribution systems

  • RMS values are measured
  • Measured value display (ULL; ULN, I; If; P;Q; ...)
  • 1.-62. harmonics
  • 32 different alarms programmable
  • Monitoring of overshooting or undershooting of specified measured value limits
  • Counter for active and reactive energy (import/export) / (inductive/capacitive)
  • RS485 Modbus interface (optional + MB)
  • Data memory (optional + DM) 
  • Tariff switching (tariff 2 only with option -DM)
  • CAT II / 300V   
  • Overload resistance 20% (6A)
  • Response threshold 50mA 


Connection diagram


Stephan Leckel

Head of Sales and Technology

+49 8861 2332-45

Anna-Maria Jais

Technical Sales

+49 8861 2332 47

Alexandra Wegner

Sales / Export

+49 8861 2332-44

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